Client Keiya Rayne shares her Transformational Design experience with DB Events and Design. Her branding transformation included the following components: Brand Concept, Brand Design, Web Development, Video Production, Graphic Design, Social Media Presence and more...


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Dorota's connection to beauty is innate -- it comes from the core of her being and defines who she is. I believe this is why she is able to so effectively and naturally bring beauty into all of her work. Everything Dorota does, from motivational speaking to event and experience design to inspirational singing, is grounded in authentic beauty and helps connect people to each other in the most joyful way. I highly recommend Dorota, not just for her remarkable talent, but for her ability to use it in ways that transform and inspire!





Marissa Polselli

Writer & Speaker | Creator of Heart & Smart™ Copywriting Method
Resume & LinkedIn Evangelist


"Working with Dorota Burlakowska was truly a transformative and miraculous experience. I absolutely love how she allows her creativity to be guided by intuition and has an eye for what's needed. She's not only a master at her craft, but her generosity goes above and beyond! If you're considering up-leveling, look no further!"





Keiya Rayne

Life Transformation Expert, Speaker and Intuitive Healer


"Dorota Burlakowska knows how to take the WHO that is YOU behind the WHAT that you DO and make it sparkle with life,
glitter in the sun, and FORCE you to see yourself
in a whole new light. I am grateful beyond words
for the magic that is Dorota and the glitter and love
that she brings to your entire being with masterful strokes of genius rivaling the greatest artists and metaphysicians of all time."





Alexis Ray

International Speaker, Consultant, Podcast Coach, 6 X Talk Show Host