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DB Events and Design is a multidimensional design firm that includes service such as Graphic, Web, Event and Interior Design. With over two decades of experience DB has created a diverse range of designs in some of the most prestigious venues in New York. DB is known for working on innovative and transformative design projects.


What sets DB Events and Design apart is the unique approach to design, which goes beyond aesthetics. Approaching each project with a combination of talent, expertise, intuition, and heart. Understanding clients' vision and needs is of utmost importance, and this personal connection forms the foundation of our design process. Creating beauty in one's surroundings is crucial, but recognizing the significance of achieving balance and harmony to improve the energy in homes and workplaces is essential. This holistic approach to design adds an invaluable layer, creating spaces that not only look good but also feel good.

"I am grateful for the gifts of creativity 
which allow me to design beautiful homes and events.
Evoking emotions of happiness for my clients is a blessing."
~ Dorothy Burlakowska
wedding decor
Baby Shower

"Dorothy is a full blown magician transforming a space into a wonderland. She did my book launch event and my home for the holidays. They were two wildly different events that were equally impressive. I highly recommend her work! "
Emily Fletcher Founder of Ziva Meditation
Author of "Stress Less, Accomplish More"


"Everything Dorothy touches turns to GOLD!"
Tara Bradford - 
CEO & Founder @ Rae Media Group
International Speaker & Author


" Dorothy I am just stunned by your BRILLIANCE!"

Laura Cepeda
Owner/Creator of ModestineTEA


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